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80 Amps Ford Charging Station

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To the folks who are taking delivery of their Lightnings in early May and opted for the Power Back Up option, has anyone taken delivery of that charger yet??
Supposedly, according to Ford, the owners should be taking delivery of those chargers.
Ford hasn't released any info on that subject lately. Any info??
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Ford isn’t going to just send everyone who orders a truck with the ER battery a charger worth a couple of grand. They don’t even know if you will actually buy the truck.
Bureaucratic things don't happen overnight, but one way to accomplish this would be to collect an additional deposit (and necessary legalese) on the Lightning order at the dealer side to offset the cost of the Charge Station Pro.
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Heh, I got an email from SunRun today: "Last chance to upgrade your home for the F-150 Lightning™!"

Ten days from blend date, I live in a state they don't operate in. I'm going to go along with them and play with the bait. After all, it's my LAST CHANCE™!

Edit: Not much to play with, email link to SunRun site leads to name of local electrical contracting company and a link to order HIS from AEE for $3,895. There is no information about how to have the Charge Station Pro delivered. It's lonely here at the LAST CHANCE™ Saloon.
You get $500 and 250 kWh of EA charging

The FCSPs may be made in the USA. Not sure:

Hard-wired network devices deserve an Ethernet port.
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