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80 AMP Ford EVSE Charger Connecting App through WiFi

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I had no problems connecting the charger the ER truck is shipped with to the Truck or the FordMyPass App

But I want to use the Ford Charge Station App, ‎Ford Charge Station Setup

Can't connect to it on my WiFi.

The label on the charger says the Charge Station ID is SWA*****

But on my WiFi network it says SW4*****

Its not finding it or there is a difference for some reason.

Ideas, solutions?
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Thanks mine link to the FordPass app as well. But I was hoping to get real time information on how many kilowatt hours are being used each day it charges etc. May be expecting too much.
buy a changepoint Flex charger it is awesome tells you how much power you are using and tracks total dollars a month, great for the accountant and home charging.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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