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3” Lift with new wheels and tires

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I installed the Rough Country 3” level a couple weeks ago and kept the stock wheels and tires to see if the BlueCruise or ACC would be affected. I figured that I paid a lot for the features and if the lift did mess with them then I could return the truck to stock and was only out the cost of the lift.

I haven’t experienced any issues yet so I installed Cooper AT3s (295/70/R18) on Black Rhino Chase wheels (18x9).

The install of the lift was straightforward and everything fit really well. The kit came with spacers to lift the rear about 1/2” but I opted not to install them for now. The front actually sits around 3/8”higher than the rear.

The stock wheels are for sale if anyone is interested…20” Lariat wheels with Hankoook AT3 tires. There’s less than 1000 miles on them.


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That was my concern as well but I’m thinking it’s more of a liability thing with the lift companies. Ford had to account for someone loading the bed or hooking up a trailer that’s heavy enough to drop the back end by 3”.

The 2” spacers would probably get the truck close enough to level.
How has your range been affected? Truck looks great.
I’ve been keeping track of my usual commute when stock and leveled with stock wheels. I haven’t made the commute yet with the bigger tires.

The lift took about .1 mi/kw off the range and my initial guess is the tires will take off another .2 miles. I’ll know more after I’ve commuted a few more times.

For now it looks like I’m right in line with the 20-25% range reduction others have experienced.

Does the ride quality feel any different to you?
The ride is much improved but I prefer a stiffer riding truck. That floaty front end bounce is gone. I was a little concerned going the coil spacer route but I actually like the way it rides now. I couldn’t see justifying the cost of a new coil over. This truck is expensive enough as it is:rolleyes:

The stock suspension on the front end is either undersprung or needs more dampening.
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That’s exactly in-line with what I’ve seen
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