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3” Lift with new wheels and tires

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I installed the Rough Country 3” level a couple weeks ago and kept the stock wheels and tires to see if the BlueCruise or ACC would be affected. I figured that I paid a lot for the features and if the lift did mess with them then I could return the truck to stock and was only out the cost of the lift.

I haven’t experienced any issues yet so I installed Cooper AT3s (295/70/R18) on Black Rhino Chase wheels (18x9).

The install of the lift was straightforward and everything fit really well. The kit came with spacers to lift the rear about 1/2” but I opted not to install them for now. The front actually sits around 3/8”higher than the rear.

The stock wheels are for sale if anyone is interested…20” Lariat wheels with Hankoook AT3 tires. There’s less than 1000 miles on them.


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Does the ride quality feel any different to you?
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