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2023 Lightning Lariat Tire change notice

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Interesting Ford email today regarding my Lighting Build Date 11-14-22. Due to supply chain issues they will be replacing the All-Season 20" tires with All-Terrain at no additional cost. It also mentions this will have a small impact on Payload, Towing Capacity and Range. Has any one else received this email and as it is not optional, what is the impact?
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Yes, that's already been reported here. Lots of folks on the Forum ordered the A/Ts as an option. They don't seem to hit range too badly. I somewhat regret not going A/T myself after having blowout on a gravel road.
Tim Bartz @fordvideoguy mentioned on a recent YouTube that due to a shortage of the 20" all season tires, the order guide and build and price have been updated to default the All Terrain tires on Lariats and high trim XLT's.

The 20" All Terrain tires reduce GVWR and Payload by 150 pounds (on the Extended Range models only) compared to the all season tires.

20" All Terrain tires GVWR = 8,400 pounds.
20" All Season tires GVWR = 8,550 pounds.
This change actually affects the 4th character in the VIN. 1FT6... = GVWR>8,500 pounds. 1FTV.... = GVWR < 8,500 pounds.

The 20" all terrain tires have a recommended inflation pressure of 36 psi. The 20" all season tires have a recommended inflation pressure of 42 psi.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts