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2023 Lightning Drop In Bedliner Rattles / Tonneau Cover?

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Thank you in advance for comments! The 12/15/2022 received as ordered drop in bedliner rattles somewhat over rough roads. Seems like I can make it a warranty issue. I plan to rarely use the truck bed & could put a pad down to protect it if I haul anything in it. May never take it off road.

What do you think about having the dealer fix the rattle status - or should I have them take it out & credit the $350 charge rather than silicone or other glue down? Had I known of a rattle in advance, I'd not have ordered it since a quiet ease of handling ride is paramount to me. Tonneau cover to come later once FordPass points have posted - suggestions on a Ford product tonneau that is quiet & seals out water?
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I'd take it back.
I got a LineX spray in, a bit more than the bedliner you got, but way worth it for the quality. I then installed a Roll-N-Lock XT tonneau cover (which allows me to put on my Yakima racks - others are also compatible with the T-Slot). Super quiet and pretty water tight.
The FordPass points (I think) equated to only a couple hundred bucks. It was till cheaper to buy cover on-line and install myself (which was very easy). Save the FordPass points for something you can't get anywhere else except from the dealer. With the money you save on the cover, you can apply that to the LineX spay in.
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