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2023 Lightning Drop In Bedliner Rattles / Tonneau Cover?

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Thank you in advance for comments! The 12/15/2022 received as ordered drop in bedliner rattles somewhat over rough roads. Seems like I can make it a warranty issue. I plan to rarely use the truck bed & could put a pad down to protect it if I haul anything in it. May never take it off road.

What do you think about having the dealer fix the rattle status - or should I have them take it out & credit the $350 charge rather than silicone or other glue down? Had I known of a rattle in advance, I'd not have ordered it since a quiet ease of handling ride is paramount to me. Tonneau cover to come later once FordPass points have posted - suggestions on a Ford product tonneau that is quiet & seals out water?
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Thank you and I'll check that out - it looks like high quality and functional to the max.
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