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2022 Lightning Lariat Range Boost with February 2023 software update

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Folks, when i took delivery in September 2022, this truck which was supposed to have a 320 mile range, would never show a range greater than 240/250 miles even when 100% charged.

The software update came through and i installed it a week or so ago and now at 100% charge it shows a range of 340 miles?

Has anyone had a similar experience? Any experience to see if this new much higher number actually is accurate in real life?
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My 2022 Platinum showed about a 20% increase in range since the software updated about a week ago. I can confirm that indeed it did extend the range. They must have done something in the back ground to access more of the battery.
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Yes, this was posted a couple of months ago and there are threads about it here. It was part of the enhancement to the Guess-O-Meter, officially called the DTE (Distance to Empty) indicator. This is not the way to test your actual range as it is a black-box calculation that doesn't know where you are going or how fast.

You might want to start here:

then read up on PowerUp 22-PU1009-MIL-DTE
It didnt change your actually range it just gives the number you want to see.
It did change the range, I have confirmed that.
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Please expand on how you have confirmed, we are all ears.
I frequently drive from Vancouver BC to Whistler BC, usually once/week. Total distance is approx 250km (we are Canadian after all!). The drive is always in the winter, average outdoor temps are -5C to 0C. Since the update (about 2 weeks ago as it would not properly update the last time I tried about 2 months ago) I am seeing way more distance to empty than before the update. About 20% more.
I was suspicious when I noticed the DTE figure at 100% charge increase from approx 350km to 450km since the update. I suspected that DTE figure would go down quicker than before but that has not been the case.
Not scientific by any means but a noticeable difference. I think that Ford has allowed more access to the battery. They were uber conservative when they produced the truck (after all they have to guarantee the battery for 8 years) and they have realized that they can allow a more aggressive strategy.
Just my 2 bits!
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Don’t pay attention to the DTE number. Pay attention to the remaining %. If by some chance under the same conditions your remaining % was 45% previously and now it’s 55% then your range increased
Wouldn't the 2 go hand in hand?
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