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2022 Lightning Lariat Range Boost with February 2023 software update

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Folks, when i took delivery in September 2022, this truck which was supposed to have a 320 mile range, would never show a range greater than 240/250 miles even when 100% charged.

The software update came through and i installed it a week or so ago and now at 100% charge it shows a range of 340 miles?

Has anyone had a similar experience? Any experience to see if this new much higher number actually is accurate in real life?
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I am seeing way more distance to empty than before the update
Seeing is the key word. Until you 'see' your actual energy consumption efficiency, expressed in km/kWh, go up, DTE range guesses are little more than a software-influenced mind game. The Wizard of Oz would be proud of the DTE 'adjustment' Ford made.
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