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2022 Lariat SR Antimatter Blue Metallic-Thinking about selling

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I am dipping my toe in to see if there is a market for selling my 2022 SR Lariat 510A package. 11K miles perfect condition, spray bed liner, max trailer tow package, Ford Co-Pilot360™ Active 2.0, super crew, BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert-hands free, no mods. Located in Washington State. Took delivery 9/2022. Paid $76K.
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In Washington, you should have no trouble finding an interested buyer, I’m just not sure you will be able to get all of your $$ back, if that is your goal. In Washington be sure to look into what vehicles qualify for sales tax exemptions. You could be at a 10% disadvantage relative to a new truck under the wrong combination of qualifications. It’s been a while since I bought an EV in WA, so my memory of the exemptions may be out of date.
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