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1st day Lightning Reservation/deposit holder

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Hello! Bob from SE Michigan. First day reservation holder. Previous EV rides were the "UGLIEST car ever" Mitsubishi I-Miev and then the Ford Focus Electric. Both all electric, both 2012 models. Both had range in mid 60s-70 miles, but I consistently got about 100 as I did all city driving. Highway Eats the shit out of the battery. (AC and heat too!) Looking forward to the Lightning, but some concerns regarding charging in my nearly 100 year old home! Both previous electrics were just charged in my garage using 110. I "do" have a 240 dryer outlet. Will have to see how things play out.
My current Rides: (Bronco Sasquatch in house) and Ford Maverick on the train heading my way!
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Welcome to the forum Bob! You're pretty much completing the Ford Trifecta with the Lightning lol, hybrid, electric, and a vehicle. Which Lightning model did you reserve?

How are you enjoying the Bronco so far? I haven't had an opportunity to sit inside one.
I made the deposit, but don't think there was a model option to reserve at that time...I will probably be looking at the 230 mile range "Pro" model....looking for something that Uncle Sam will be paying a good percentage for! Hopefully...that 12500 EV tax credit is available....I did call my salesman earlier today and he said they had not given them any information yet regarding options/models etc. EV vehicles are SO cheap to run...with my electric Focus (all electric 2012), my light bill went up about 15 bucks/month and I drove it roughly 800-1000 miles each month....doesn't get any cheaper than that...that is what my lighting will be for...
The Trifecta is due to 2009 corvette with 4k miles sold this year, replaced by BRONCO 4 door....will be used strictly with top/doors off as my summer toy.
2018 ford Ecosport sold this year, replaced by maverick...
2019 F150 sold this year, replaced by lighting...so not "adding" anything....just updating. :)

PS, LOVING the Bronco....badass toy.
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1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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