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Which Infotainment size do you prefer?

  • 12" Horizontal

    Votes: 18 54.5%
  • 15.5" Vertical

    Votes: 15 45.5%

15.5" versus 12" Infotainment screen?

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Ok, I figured this came up before: 15.5-Inch Infotainment screen or 12-Inch Screen?

But I wanted to poll this. It would be nice to pin this thread as feedback for @Ford Motor Company. TCCustoms recently put out a video of the mid-cycle refresh of the Expedition and pointed out that it is using the same cabin set as the F-150. So the XLT they were previewing had the 12" (I believe it also gets the 15.5" at the upper trims). This got me thinking that if Ford had more feedback maybe they'd decide to make the 12" available at the upper trims.

One of the comments I've seen reviewers bring up is that the 12" provides a better camera size for backing up, trailer, etc.
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I think if I had the option, I would pick the 12" screen. I like hard buttons for certain features. When I test drove a Pro, I liked having the camera button right there at the top. Same with Temp control. A year with the mach e, it does get irritating to "wait" any amount of time for the screen to load to turn off or on the HVAC system (part of this is because the Fordpass app is lacking).

I do like the 15.5" screen. This is mainly because I like the largest amount of room for maps (I think vertical is better than horizontal, especially in 3D view). And while the Lightning 15.5" is better integrated into the dash than the Mach E, it isn't better looking than the 12" to me. This all seems like the option should be there because it'll be preference for what you are using it for. I think those that tow/haul or offroad for camping more often would want the 12" while I think I would still get the 15.5" inch because of how often I'm using maps.
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It is probably more about the app designers than the screen size. Without getting into math or grabbing a ruler which I don't have time to do right now, they can probably fit almost the same size image on the vertical screen if they would do so and overlay all of the menu items, etc. I don't have experience with either screen yet, but from the two pictures you post this is nothing about screen size but application programming and very poor choice of what they leave on the screen while using the backup camera. Blow the video image up and over lay the screen width and they'll have it made.
Coral posted shots from an event last year: Sync 4A screens

That post has one with the camera on the 15.5. I know eyeballing isn't easy with the different images but in the 12" screen the camera takes up the entire screen (from my own experience in the pro).


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I prefer 'physical' a/c and other control buttons and knobs for quick/easy reach and control/changes... I do NOT like having to 'wonder' if my finger is going to touch the exact correct location of an icon on a screen, WHILE DRIVING... makes me wonder about how this is as 'safe' as physical buttons.

I have a New KIA SORENTO PHEV, plug-in hybrid, 1/2 electric 1/2 engine: it's technology is a wonder, and not always in a 'good' easy way - for instance, if you want to change the screen, three levels down, to change the 'radio' station while driving, no worries - have fun. But, if you want to do something like tell the GPS nav system to steer you to a specific location or address, sorry - not 'available' while driving!!! Crazy.
In general, everyone's system has that annoyance. I can pluck around so many different menus and play with certain settings but navigation? Nope, you have to stop. Or use the voice command and hope it understands you. The other day, using Android Auto, I was trying to reply to a text. My wife enjoyed the "miscommunication". As for the HVAC I've gotten use to just hitting "auto". But to their credit, the screen is big and so the area you have to hit to do what you want isn't hard to actually touch.
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Watched a Lyriq review from Savagegeese and Cadillac's approach to the interior. Right amount of physical touch vs touch screen customization. Everyone really needs to get on board and do a better job. Yes Tesla paved the wave and while a minimalist look isn't a cope out; I still say it was mainly do to stay profitable and deal with less 3rd party vendors. Not because it was "better".
If sync4 on the lightning is the same UI being used on other ICE vehicles with the 12in screen, ford won’t be able to release features specific to the lightning. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Some tech features EVs are able to offer, like cabin overheat protection, won’t work on ICE vehicles. Ford won’t be able to add features like that with OTA updates to the lightning, unless they work more on their tech advancement. The software would need to enable/disable the feature based on the car it’s installed on. It’s not impossible, but I heard ford rarely release OTAs for the sync4A let alone sync4. The lightning is the first EV by ford to use sync4, since mach-e only comes with sync4A. I just hope they support more EV geared features for sync4 and not neglect it.
That is a good point. I would hope the software stack would support a modular build but who knows.

Took ownership on Saturday and I'm happy that the Lightning has the update that lets Android Auto stretch all the way do, now I'll definitely use it more than the OEM screen. Just need to keep my charging cable available cause the wireless charger just doesn't give enough juice.

And while driving around I do wish I had hard buttons for certain things, modes, specific temperature controls and the camera. I'd be fine with the big screen, just put them in other places, there are so many other buttons to the left of the wheel.
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