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1 Ton in our 1/2 Ton

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Levine is posting some quality today on Twitter
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Thinking about it, this is a nice follow up to the "Texas rodeo show" were the CT didn't do anything.

Which to be honest, Tesla COULD show the prototype doing just about anything at the site of the plant since there was/is construction going on.

The follow up video to this video is the Lightning delivering that load to the Texas Tesla plant.
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Interesting, that looks like a straight A/C button. That isn't on the Mach E like that.
I know the truck has scales.. but I doubt that's one ton. It looks like mulch in which case it's probably closer to half ton. If that was fertilizer then yes it's one ton. But I doubt the communications director has occation to buy 40 bags of fertilizer.

Would be ironic to have loaded it with bobcats new electric skid steer!
I've never seen mulch in a non-clear bag (so you can see if it is red/black/brown). Fertilizer? Those bags are always dark with images of grass and what not on them. Those bags remind me of cement.bags. Especially with the coloring of the bag: Quikrete 80 lb. High Early Strength Concrete Mix 100700

<---- here took me 30 seconds to find.

What's the point of doubting?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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