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  1. F-150 Lightning Charging & Batteries
    I'm patiently waiting for my Pro SR which has a build date of 12/12. Any recommendations on residential charger I should install? Pros and cons of each recommendation. What should I look for that I wouldn't think to look for?
  2. Ford F-150 Lightning Complaints, Issues & Problems
    I just got my Ford Lightning Platinum last Thursday and already have serious issues. At first the at home charger would not work at any one of my 3 110V outlets that were accessible. So I had an electrician come out and install a 240v outlet, same situation. Amber light, Ford Pass says “plugged...
  3. F-150 Lightning Charging & Batteries
    For those of us that have ordered the Extended Range battery, does the Charge Station Pro come included? The reason I ask is because I see this statement on Ford's website: "Included with F-150® Lightning™ with Extended-Range Battery."
1-3 of 3 Results