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  1. Ford F-150 Lightning Complaints, Issues & Problems
    Got this message today. Only problem is that I used up my charging bundle (free 250kWh) in January and I have only charged recently at home. What is going on?
  2. F-150 Lightning Infotainment & Technology
    Hello all, I finally completed all the paperwork and picked up my 2023 F-150 Lariat last night. First - what an amazing and beautiful machine this is. I have never experienced anything like it. With that said, I did run into an issue with the FordPass Activation that I wish my dealer had...
  3. F-150 Lightning Infotainment & Technology
    Hi! Anyone getting this error when they try to use their watch to start/stop/lock/unlock? Worked perfectly before 3.5.4 update. I find the watch function to be super handy so I miss it. Thanks!
  4. F-150 Lightning Infotainment & Technology
    My 23 Lariat was delivered 2 weeks ago. Everything has been smooth up until the 24th. As of that date, nothing updated in my Fordpass app. Couldn’t see charge status, location, PAAK, etc… I went into Settings>Connected Services> but nothing shows up when clicking the menu. In fact, I get pop...
  5. F-150 Lightning Infotainment & Technology
    I am suddenly unable to log into my Ford.com account, or my FordPass account (via the mobile app). More specifically, I am unable to login due to being locked out of my account, rather than something like a password error. I noticed this after getting an email from my power company asking me to...
1-5 of 5 Results