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  1. 2022+ F-150 Lightning General Discussion Forum
    Any owners find the magic Sunrun phone # to find out where their Pro charger shipment is? No customer 'order #' - purchased demo directly off the Ford lot. After 3-weeka & a dozen calls to Sunrun no one can actually tell me anything about getting my charger. Customer experience with Sunrun...
  2. 2022+ Ford F-150 Lightning Pickups for Sale
    Hi Guys, this is an update on my previous thread, now with photos, and a lower price! Price brought down from 99,000 to 96,000 out the door. Just looking to get my deposit back here, You'll be dealing with the dealer. Hello all, I put in a deposit on a mannequin F150 Lariat, ER. it's currently...
  3. F-150 Lightning Charging & Batteries
    I have had a Extended Range Lariat for a couple months. I usually keep it charged 70-90% but have never seen the estimated range go above 210. I'm honestly wondering if I even actually have an Extended Range vehicle. Is there a way I can check, as a non-technical non-car expert?
1-3 of 3 Results