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  1. F-150 Lightning Charging & Batteries
    Merry Christmas All! I got my ER Lariat in October. Guess o Meter showed 300 miles when I picked it up. After first driving the 100% charge gave a guess of 240 miles. Now I am charging to 90%. And my Guess O meter is usually around 22-240 miles. My driving is primarily highway at 70 MPH. My...
  2. F-150 Lightning Charging & Batteries
    I have had a Extended Range Lariat for a couple months. I usually keep it charged 70-90% but have never seen the estimated range go above 210. I'm honestly wondering if I even actually have an Extended Range vehicle. Is there a way I can check, as a non-technical non-car expert?
  3. F-150 Lightning Infotainment & Technology
    I have an iPhone 14 pro in an Apple leather case. I can’t for the life of me get it to wirelessly charge (with or without the case). seems the sweet spot is having the phone horizontal but up raises about 1/2 inch above the bottom ledge. anyone come up with a creative solution or am I missing...
  4. F-150 Lightning Charging & Batteries
    Anyone know if there's ability to plug in the charge station pro vs direct wiring? Spec sheet says it can be amped down and wondering if you could install a dryer style plug to use with an existing nema 14-50 outlet. Before the "why would you want to do this?!" questions come, here's my...
  5. Public Charging Stations Discussion
    Experienced charge fault error when I try to charge at DC Fast chargers. Truck will not connect. Red (amber ring) near charger, then dash displays charge fault error. At home charge station pro works fine. looked through thread and tried deleting schedules; didnt work. Only getting...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi All My 150 Lariat is scheduled for a build next week and will hopefully deliver by the end of Sept. I work as an OSHA safety trainer and teach electrical safety classes, now teaching electrical safety to OEMs that build eclectic vehicles. I travel around the country teaching classes and...
  7. F-150 Lightning Charging & Batteries
    For those of us that have ordered the Extended Range battery, does the Charge Station Pro come included? The reason I ask is because I see this statement on Ford's website: "Included with F-150® Lightning™ with Extended-Range Battery."
  8. F-150 Lightning Charging & Batteries
    Since May of last year, Ford has been tweaking the Lightning webpage as they're willing to make new details available to us. One big change I noticed recently is that they've selected SunRun as the "preferred installer" of Ford's home charging solutions, including the Ford Charge Station Pro...
1-8 of 8 Results