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  1. F-150 Lightning Charging & Batteries
    From what I understand its best, for the sake of the battery, that whenever you have to charge the truck its best to only charge to 90%, but I wanted to know if anyone knows has read if its ok to charge to 100% once every month, or every other month, etc. for like a maintenance type of test on...
  2. F-150 Lightning Charging & Batteries
    I have had my lightning for about 4 months now and I’m noticing now that when I go to charge fully I’m only getting a range of about 210 on an ER that should be at least 310. Anyone else not getting full range?
  3. F-150 Lightning Towing
    Hello from Ontario Canada Just put in my reservation and I know it will be a long wait. I've been following electric vehicles for quite some time. In fact I worked (retired 2017) in the Advanced Engineering group in Volvo Construction and led teams developing electric vehicles for construction...
1-3 of 3 Results